About the CDDI

When UC San Diego researchers discover the cause of a disease, they also identify new opportunities to create therapies. The Center for Drug Discovery Innovation (cDDI) helps researchers bring these opportunities to fruition by connecting promising projects with the information and capabilities needed to make real progress.

The cDDI bridges the whole campus, including Health Sciences, with its schools of pharmacy and medicine; the General Campus, with its physical sciences and school of management; the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, which is a world-class center for marine natural products; and specialized units, such as the San Diego Supercomputing Center. We also link UC San Diego with other UC campuses and local nonprofit and industrial research centers.

Today, cDDI researchers are inventing technologies to accelerate the process of drug discovery, and working on treatments for cancer, heart disease, parasitic infections, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and other unmet needs.


January 30, 2015: Drs. Rommie Amaro and Jim McKerrow are awarded a UCSD Frontier of Innovation Award, to establish the UCSD Center for Translational Computer-Aided Drug Discovery & Project Management as a new component of the CDDI. Dionicio Siegel and Bill Gerwick have also been awarded a grant under this Frontiers in Innovation Program to develop the UCSD Center for Compound Resources.  This will also be a component of the cDDI and provide the UCSD community access to a rich chemodiversity for biological screening.