Forthcoming and Recent Seminars and Events


2018 University of California Drug Discovery Symposium

This second UC-wide drug discovery symposium is tentatively scheduled for September, 2018. Stay tuned for details!


CDDI Public Presentation at the Osher Center

The CDDI's Dr. Dionicio Siegel provided a perspective of the drug discovery process on May 8 at UCSD's Osher Lifeline Learning Institute. This was followed by a lively 50 minute panel Q&A, with CDDI's Drs. Haim Weizman, Michael K. Gilson, and Siegel, spanning the science, economics, and politics of drug discovery and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Osher Lecture May 8, 2018


Assay Development Primer and Tour of UCSD’s Compound Screening Facility

CDDI hosted a workshop on Assay Development on April 11, 2018. Students attended a lecture by Prof. Jair Siqueira-Neto followed by a tour to the UCSD Screening Core facility. The workshop concludedwith an exercise were participants analyzed a screening plate and calculated Z-factor in order to select ‘hit’ compounds.

Assay Development Primer