Available Compound Libraries

Pure marine natural products

A unique diversity set of marine algal, cyanobacterial and sponge natural products from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography with its 50-year history in pioneering marine natural products chemistry


Pure terrestrial natural products

This library is comprised of 720 pure natural products of terrestrial origin, selected to represent a broad chemical space

Impure fraction libraries

Numbering close to 4000 materials, this exceptionally high diversity set is comprised of partially purified fractions deriving from algal, cyanobacterial and sponge samples. Identification of active materials is by interaction with the providing laboratory; all samples prescreened by LCMS/MS such that active compound identities are readily deduced.

Synthetic compound library

This library captures the incredible materials synthesized by synthetic organic chemists at UCSD over the past 50 years, largely in the area of natural products synthesis, and represents intermediates as well as end products


Approved drugs library

This is a purchased library of 1440 approved drugs, and enables rapid translational opportunities when agents are found active to a new disease target


UCSD Center for Compound Resources