UCCR Overview

With scientific strengths in human medicine and plant biology and, at the same time, a campus internationally recognized for marine and terrestrial natural products as well as synthetic and medicinal chemistry UCSD has opportunities for the development of internal synergistic connections.

These interactions will facilitate the development of the next generation of molecules with significance to human health and the planet.

The UCSD Center for Compound Resources (UCCR) seeks to provide support for these endeavors by making available to UCSD faculty novel, curated chemical compound libraries composed of natural products and their derivatives, synthetic chemicals, compounds that have reached clinical trials, and currently approved drugs. With the majority of these compounds originating or accessible by research groups within UCSD chemical expertise is accessed with minimal barriers to collaboration. 

Available Resources

  • Compound Libraries Composed of Natural Products, Synthetic Compounds, and Approved Drugs.
  • Chemistry Consultation, supporting the identification of chemistry collaborators, determining the synthetic tractability of compounds, and questions regarding chemical resources and supply.