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    Creating new medications to treat life-threatening diseases

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    Collaborative Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery Innovation at UC San Diego

Connecting Scientists, Enabling Discovery

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Too many people and families desperately need help with serious diseases like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. We started the Center for Drug Discovery Innovation (CDDI) to help discover new treatments and cures. We work in two main ways:

  • From discovery to cure: When a UC San Diego researcher has a new idea for how to treat a disease, this is just a beginning.  The CDDI evaluates new ideas and helps advance the most promising ones.

    Innovating drug discovery: The journey from idea to treatment is long, costly, and too often unsuccessful.  CDDI scientists and engineers are inventing new technologies to surmount the obstacles and navigate this process faster and more effectively.


August, 2015 

The CDDI is delighted to announce the following new members of our leadership team:

Associate Director: Dr. Roger Sunahara, Professor of Pharmacology. Dr. Sunahara's research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRS) as a basis for discovery of new drugs which work by acting at these ubiquitous and varied control points, and on the use of protein engineering to create new biopharmaceuticals, with a current focus on the design of injectable enzymes that treat overdoses by breaking down drugs of abuse in the bloodstream. 

Assistant Director: Dr. Victoria Feher, Project Scientist. Before joining UCSD and the CDDI, Dr. Feher trained in structural biophysics, worked on multiple drug-discovery projects in the pharmaceutical industry, and developed expertise in computer-aided drug design. She brings expertise in the evaluation and management of drug discovery projects and in the use of modeling and informatics to support and advance projects.